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Guide to Reinforce a Chain Link Fence Post

Chain link fence is one of the most commonly wire mesh fence, and it become more and more popular. Chain link fence can be used for keeping your property and house safe, and preventing livestock from escaping or keeping animals out of your farmland. Chain link fence used for security purposes can be installed with barbed wire on the top, which can offer additional penetration prevention. However, chain link fence is only as strong as its post, if you want your chain lnk fence has a long service life, you should learn to reinforce the chain link fence posts. There are some tips that will help you do it easily.

If your chain link fence made of metal, you can set it deep in concrete, it is realy a good idea for reinforcing your chain link fence post. Pour the concrete into a hole in the earth, then set the chain link fence post deep in the concrete. Don’t pour the concrete directly into a hole, there be some sort of mold in the soil so that the concrete doesn’t leech away into the ground, where is can not help reinforce your chain link fence post as intended.

Another way to reinforce chain link fence posts is to fill them with something weighty, such as stonces, concrete or even sand, they can give the chain link fence more weight and support. However, this method usually used in conjunction with other methods of additional reinforcement.

Build a living wall is also a good way to reinforce your chain link fence post, living wall is a chain link fence that contains Commiphora africana, a type of tree. As the tree grows, it grows into your chain link fence. The living wall can provide extra support for your chain link fence as well as extra height as the trees grow taller than the chain link fence. This solution works best in situations where your chain link fence doesn’t need to be seen through but rather is used to keep people or animals out of an area.


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